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What is Svelte?

Svelte is an open-source frontend JavaScript framework released in 2016 by Rich Harris. Svelte has since its release not been subject to the same level of hype as other frameworks released just a few years prior such as React (2013), Vue (2014) and Angular (2010). The framework has however started gaining more traction as of late, since the field of frontend development has gotten more competitive with new libraries and frameworks entering the scene, and the community getting more attentive to end performance and developer experience - two things Svelte especially excel at.

Unlike some other popular frameworks such as React and Vue, Svelte uses a compiler in order to optimize and minimize the code shipped to the client. This makes it so developers don't have to think intensively about performance optimizations such as function memoization and reactivity dependencies.

Like many other frontend frameworks, Svelte also has its own meta-framework, Svelte-Kit, which extends the functionality of Svelte with features such as server-side rendering, file-based routing and much more. SvelteKit is maintained by the same team as Svelte and had its first stable release in December 2022 after two years of development.

Apart from its excellent documentation, Svelte's website also has a playground in which they have built up a collection of common examples of to handle common tasks in the framework (event binding, styling, animations and more) - the cherry on the top is the ability to see the compiled JavaScript and CSS output of each example.

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