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What is React?

React is an open-source JavaScript frontend framework\* released by Meta (Facebook) in May 2013, which since then has become one of the most popular choices for creating frontend applications.

Components in newer versions of React are defined as a function which return JSX, a JavaScript syntax which resembles common templating languages such as HTML, making it easier to define trees of elements and React components. Apart from its template, a React component can contain and encapsulate stateful logic in the body of the functional component as well as receive data from its parents through "props" (arguments received as the function's parameters).

One of the biggest strengths of React is its large ecosystem of libraries, communities and learning resources, making it a great choice for both new and experienced developers.

* React is actually considered a library rather than a framework, since it does not provide an opinionated structure or toolset, but for the sake of consistensy between other tools, Webly has classified it as a framework.

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