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What is Angular?

Angular (formerly known as AngularJS) is an open-source JavaScript frontend framework maintained by Google. Despite being one of the earlier modern frontend frameworks, many sources will show Angular to have been released in 2016, since this is the official release of Angular 2 - also known as just Angular - which was a complete rewrite of the framework using TypeScript.

Like many other modern UI frameworks, Angular is a component-based UI framework in which the UI is built from components that encapsulate its own state and functionality, making it easy to scale and reuse elements throughout an application.

Unlike some other modern frontend frameworks, Angular has an opinionated structure and uses scalable design patterns which have inspired other popular projects such as <Link href="/frameworks">NestJS</Link>.

Angular has a collection of libraries and tools which make up an entire eco-system for building advanced web applications. Some of these libraries are:

- @angular/pwa for building progressive web apps

- @angular/material - a component library based on Google's Material Design

- @angular/forms for building forms

Angular also comes with a powerful CLI (command-line interface) for quickly initializing, scaffolding and building Angular applications.

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