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What is shadcn-svelte?

shadcn-svelte is an open-source and community-based port of the popular shadcn/ui component library. This project aims to provide a one-to-one port of the original React-based library to the popular Svelte framework. shadcn/ui took the web development community by storm throughout 2023 with its innovative way of shipping fully styled and accessible React components via copy/pastable code snippets.

Just like shadcn/ui, shadcn-svelte builds on top of Tailwind CSS, though it does not build on top of a headless component library in the same way that shadcn/ui uses Radix Primitives (Radix UI) as its foundation. shadcn-svelte also ships its components in a similar manner, where users of the library are encouraged to copy and paste each component into projects, giving developers full control over the library's components contrary to most other libraries which are distributed through NPM.

As the documentation states, the library is not affiliated by the founder of the original library, shadcn, though the team behind the library mentions that shadcn has given his blessing of the project.

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Server Side Rendering (SSR)

Built-in Right-to-Left Support

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