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What is Melt UI?

Melt UI is a component library for the popular JavaScript frontend framework <Link href="/frameworks/svelte">Svelte</Link>. Unlike usual component libraries who provide a set of components which may or may not be customizable, Melt UI exports a collection of builder functions which export a set of properties that can be applied to elements in the template.

Melt UI is a headless UI since the properties exported by Melt UI builders are for accessibility and functionality purposes only, leaving styling fully up to the user. The authors behind the library has mentioned other headless libraries such as Radix UI and Zagjs as inspiration.

The library also provide a custom preprocessor for an even cleaner syntax and developer experience when using the library.

Melt UI features

JavaScript library features

Tree Shaking

Component library features

Built-in Dark Mode

Built-in Localisation


Server Side Rendering (SSR)

Built-in Right-to-Left Support

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