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What is Shopify Polaris?

Shopify Polaris is the design system for the E-commerce platform Shopify. While the whole Polaris design system consts of multiple entities, such as a design token system, an icon library and a VSCode extension, this page will mostly be dedicated to the Polaris component library - a component library for building React web applications under Shopify's Polaris design system.

The Shopify Polaris React library is internally for building up the admin panel of the product, though also intended for building third-party applications, known as Shopify Apps, that get embedded in the Shopify admin panel when a customer has an application enabled.

It is important to notice that the license for Shopify Polaris states that the library and design system should not be used for building applications that don't integrate or interoperate with Shopify. If you are not building something that integrates with Shopify, we recommend that you instead check out the alternative component libraries below.

Shopify Polaris features

Component library features

Built-in Dark Mode

Built-in Localisation


Server Side Rendering (SSR)

Built-in Right-to-Left Support

Shopify Polaris alternatives