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What is Panda CSS?

Panda CSS is a relatively new CSS framework made by the same team behind Chakra UI and more. The library is a take on the popular CSS-in-JS paradigm in which styling is done via type-safe JavaScript declarations. Panda CSS generates atomic CSS from the JavaScript during build-time, meaning that the library doesn't add superfluous JavaScript code to the production bundle, though it does ship a lightweight runtime for authoring the styles.

Panda CSS was created with the philosophy of supporting the recent move to server-first architectures dictated by technologies such as React Server Components (via Next.js) and server-first frameworks such as Nuxt, Astro and SvelteKit.

Panda CSS comes with its own minimalistic CLI for configuring applications to use the styling engine as well as running the JIT-analyzer for generating on-demand styles as they are used throughout an application.

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