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What is Laravel?

Laravel is a popular full-stack web framework well known for being robust and scalable as well as having great documentation. It was built and released by Taylor Otwell in 2011 and has since then become a preferred framework among web developers all over the world as well as having been adopted by large companies such as Pfizer, BBC and Mastercard.

Laravel is built on top of the PHP programming language and follows the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern in which data, presentation and business logic are each split into each of their own layers.

One of the key benefits of Laravel is its extensive list of features which make it possible to build complex web applications all within the borders of the framework. Some of these features include:

- Job queues for heavy asynchonous tasks

- File storage abstractions (local, AWS S3, FTP)

- Database migrations

Laravel has since its rise in popularity created a large ecosystem of tools and platforms which revolve around the framework, some of which are built by the same team behind the framework itself:

- Laravel Forge for server management

- Laravel Vapor for serverless deployment (powered by AWS)

- Laravel Nova for building administration panels for Laravel applications

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